Michael took on my mother’s immigration case which had stalled and gone into a “black hole”. A process that was supposed to take one year was now in its fourth year and no answers or explanations were provided. Michael did an incredible job! His knowledge, skills, ability to make the right judgments along the way and working all avenues to get to our ultimate goal was what lead to the resolution of this matter. In addition, working with Michael was a pleasure. I felt genuinely cared for as a client, he demonstrated incredible care for my family and I. I was constantly updated and informed throughout the process. As a matter of fact, I was often hard to get a hold of and Michael did not stop at leaving me a voicemail, he always made sure he delivered his messages directly to me and made sure I understood what the next steps were. My mother has been granted the Green Card and is coming to the United States to visit us, her only daughter and only two grandchildren after four years of being denied not only a Green Card but entry into the U.S. I am certain that this would not have been the case if it wasn’t for Michael’s work and effort.

Riwa K.

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